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DC Comics has let retailers know that Covid-19’s impact on the global supply chain has adversely affected their release schedule of 27 of the upcoming issues, including the Green Lantern 2021 Annual.  The book was originally planned for an 8/31/21 release date, but the delay will push the book back to 9/7/21.  The annual is set to focus on Jessica Cruz and her new role as a member of the Sinestro Corps.

In a statement from DC Comics Marketing Manager Albert Ching, DC has been working to keep books on schedule despite a number of pandemic-related factors.

“Up to this point, we’ve been able to keep delays and shortages to a minimum, but with recent notifications about covid-related port closures, international and domestic freight delays, workforce shortages, and a severely allocated paper supply, we are unable to continue to manage this situation without disruption.” – Albert Ching

DC has indicated that more delays are possible given the pandemic’s impact, and the digital release of any impacted books will be similarly delayed so that they are day and date in sync with their physical releases.


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