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Singapore based XM Studios has released images of their upcoming Kyle Rayner statue.  This will be a 1:4 scale product coming in at 60cm in height.  Their recent Jessica Cruz statue sells for $479 and Sinestro for $579 so it would be safe to assume that the Kyle statue will sell for somewhere in that neighborhood.

GFX Distribution handles the United States end of their distribution and they currently do not have any pre-order information available, but anyone interested in the statue would be well served to keep an eye on their site when pre-orders go live on September 22, 2021, as we do not no yet what the production run is going to be.  Check out the gallery of images below.  Here’s XM’s description of the new statue:

XM Studios is excited to present the next 1:4 DC Comics Premium Collectibles series statue, Kyle Rayner! Paired with his talents as a skilled artist, Rayner’s creative constructs are amongst the strongest among the corps. Immortalized in detailed 1:4 scale cold-cast porcelain. Each handcrafted statue is individually hand-painted with high quality finish.

One of the most powerful lanterns who took up the torch, Kyle Rayner half-kneels atop the robot construct that he has created, mid-yell, poised for battle, his concentration at maximum as he wills the construct to existence, launching two rocket towards the target. A moment in battle immortalized. The unique paint application on the high tech robot construct shows the transitionary formation of the construct, the nuances from green to metallic green, giving it a highly dynamic quality fitting for the torch-bearer.

Size: 60cm tall, 43cm deep, and 38cm wide.
Full details and pre-order Sept 22.

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