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Last year DC Comics held their first Round Robin tournament, allowing fans to vote in a tournament bracket style system.  There was one Green Lantern book in last year’s event which made it all the way to the semi-finals before losing to a Bat-book. DC is back again with another tournament for this year, with two Green Lantern books in the content.

The 2022 DC Round Robin tournament starts today with voting opening at 12:15 pm EST.  First round voting end on April 3rd at 11:59 pm PT.  Like last year, the initial round consists sixteen titles and only loglines and the concepts are revealed. Round two winners will be announced on April 5th. The creative teams, original pitches, and cover art will be released as the tournament progresses.

Fans can cast their vote on DC Comics Twitter accountDC Comics Instagram account, or on the DC Universe Infinite Community.

The two Green Lantern series up for consideration are:

Green Lantern: The Light at the End of Forever
Logline: A dark far-future. A galaxy gripped by tyranny. When an elderly farmer in a backwater system is brutalized by the latest thugs with jetpacks and jackboots to call themselves lawmen, he remembers a forgotten past. An era of champions. A cadre of noble peacekeepers, long since vanished. His name—he’s sure of it—is John Stewart. Whatever happened to the Green Lanterns Corps…and is it too late to reignite the light…?

Green Lantern: The Birth of Conspiracy
Logline: In 1947, three events kindled America’s fascination with UFOs: the men in black, flying saucer sightings, and the Roswell crash. Three low-level government employees, tasked with monitoring superheroes, realize that one person was at all three events: the Green Lantern, Alan Scott. He hasn’t been seen since.

A third title has definite Green Lantern connections:

Kid Flash: The Speed of Fear
Logline: Reverse Flash melds with Parallax in an unprecedented combination of the Speed Force and the fear-based yellow power ring to create a deadly Speed Ring to shatter Oa’s central Green Lantern battery. A confused and isolated Kid Flash (Wallace West) must chase Thawne across a variety of alien worlds to stop him and the Sinestro Corps while his own powers die because of Kid Flash’s slow disconnection with the Speed Force.

Here’s the initial sixteen title bracket.  The taglines for all the series can be viewed in their entirety at AIPT.

Source: AIPT

2 Replies to “Two Green Lantern Titles in DC’s 2022 Round Robin Tournament”

  1. Uggh, I hate these. Most of those books seem 1000 times more interesting then a 50th Batman book, but we’re only getting 1 of them.

  2. There is also Kid Flash: The Speed of Fear featuring Parallax trying to destroy Green Lantern Central Battery.

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