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Earlier today the comics website Bleeding Cool announced a scoop that DC Comics will be publishing a John Stewart and the Emerald Knights title sometime this year. The site has no other details to offer, other than to imply that this title would be replacing the Green Lantern title.

The title of this new series seems to lean heavy into the similar idea of the Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps series, so far as to ape the title. One would hope that we’d get more than one title at this point, and whether the Emerald Knights are an offshoot or a replacement of the Green Lantern Corps remains to be seen.  Presumably, we’ll know more after Green Lantern #12 hits the stands this week.

You’d think that DC Comics would have learned from the divisive reaction to the Hal Jordan led book that they’d avoid a similar mistake, but then again – what else can we expect from the “House of Bad Ideas”?

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  1. The Emerald Knights aren’t a replacement for the Green Lantern Corps, but they are the Green Lantern Corps from Earth-3. Check the Crime Syndicate mini-series for more.

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