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DC Comics announced three Golden Age related limited series that they will release in October of this year. One series, Alan Scott: The Green Lantern, redefines Earth Prime’s Golden Age Green Lantern for modern audiences. Led by the creative team of Tim Sheridan and Cian Tormey, the six-issue mini is one of three that will star Golden Age heroes, the others being Jay Garrick: The Flash by Jeremy Adams and Diego Olortegui and Wesley Dodds: The Sandman by Rob Venditti and Riley Rossmo. All three will be under “The New Golden Age” banner which has been spearheaded by Geoff Johns.

According to Johns, “It’s long past time that the heroes of the Justice Society had their own titles again. At the same time, they had to be special, important, and emotional stories, each one exploring character, revealing secrets, and introducing new heroes and villains to the DC Universe.”

According to the press release, “Alan Scott: The Green Lantern by Tim Sheridan (Flashpoint Beyond) and Cian Tormey (Superman: Son of Kal-El) will be Alan Scott’s first solo title since 1949. Through a twist in the timeline, Alan Scott: The Green Lantern revisits and recontextualizes the origins of the first Green Lantern through the lens of our modern understanding of the man. The story, which begins in the 1930s, is about an old flame – the kind that burns eternal – and the sometimes head-on, single-track collision of our personal and professional lives. This is Alan’s coming-of-age, in which he must embrace the man he is, to become the hero he’s meant to be. In the end, he’ll have gained a greater understanding of himself and his gifts – as he unlocks a new, previously unknown ability that could make him the most powerful Green Lantern in existence!”

DC Comics also released a page of unlettered artwork from the mini-series. Readers can see a preview of Alan Scott: Green Lantern in DC Pride: Through the Years which will be released on June 13.


3 Replies to “Alan Scott Miniseries Launches in October”

  1. This is a particularly disturbing image. Middle-aged (actually much older) man reminiscing over a photo of a group of very young men/boys…am I the only one getting “creepy pervert” vibes off it? And is *this* where DC *really* wants to go with the Original Green Lantern?

    1. Yes, you’re the only one getting these vibes off it, and I’m quite frankly surprised that a comment this disgustingly unabashedly homophobic hasn’t been removed or acknowledged in any capacity. He’s looking at an old photo of himself, reminiscing about his first love — even if he wasn’t, the dog tags make that “very young boys” assumption pretty damn idiotic and a willfully messed up reading of something heartfelt and significant. Maybe you’re the real pervert here, Maven, and not us.

    2. Yes, I absolutely agree. It’s super perverted to keep photos of old friends. Is this the example DC wants to set for our kids? And let them think it’s okay to keep pictures of people they used to know?

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