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Director Martin Campbell has been doing many interviews lately to promote the January 29th release of his latest film, Edge of Darkness, starring Mel Gibson. During the interviews, the man directing the Green Lantern movie has provided more information about the film as it ramps up to begin filming in March.

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There were comments earlier on that the Green Lantern film might have a cameo by Clark Kent and indeed the first draft of the script showed the ring flying past both Clark Kent and Guy Gardner on its way to Hal. Many have also speculated that the formation of DC Entertainment and the interest in creating a Justice League film might lead to alluding to a Justice League film the way that Iron Man dropped major hints about an Avengers film. However, Campbell stated to MTV in an interview that none of DC’s characters outside of the Green Lantern universe will appear in the film. While this may sound like a bad thing and that DC is not looking at a single universe approach to the film, it could be that given the scope of what’s going on in the film there may not be a good way to integrate any of the DC universe that would not appear forced.

It also appears that the film will is inspired more by the Emerald Dawn retelling of Hal’s origin than to the more recent Secret Origin retelling by Geoff Johns last year based on comments Campbell made to It appears that Hal will certainly not be flawless and in fact appear on the surface as one of the people least likely to be chosen by Abin Sur’s ring and that the story will show how he goes from that point to be the greatest Green Lantern. So long as they leave the drunk driving bit out that’s fine by me.

By now anyone with a passing interest in the film is probably aware of the signing of Blake Lively as Carol Ferris, it is important to note that she and Ryan Reynold are the only people who have definitely been signed for the film. News earlier this week of Peter Sarsgaard being cast as Hector Hammond is not completely off the mark, but there has been no official announcement that a deal has been struck yet. And news of Mark Strong being cast as Sinestro is premature at this point and Campbell declined to confirm that information to the L.A. Times. The Times article did say that Strong is the “circled choice” for the role but that his schedule is tricky and that could discount him from being in the film.

One last bit of news to kick off the week is that Campbell might be up for a trilogy of Green Lantern films, likening his thoughts to Sam Raimi’s tenure with the Spiderman films. He also routinely ensures that the film doesn’t cross into the cheesy territory by employing a “cheese meter” to discuss when anyone thinks the story may make the audience suspend their sense of disbelief too far. Campbell reportedly dropped out of a remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds to do Green Lantern.

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