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Green Lantern Green Spinning Ring
The Noble Collection has continued to increase the size of their Green Lantern movie collection, and recently they added four more new products to their line including three more rings and a pendant.  Like many of the items in the collection these new items are able to be pre-ordered with a shipping date of December 1st.

At $45 is another spinning ring, very similar to the ring that was added about a week ago, only this ring has the Green Lantern insignia in sterling silver on a green rotating band rather than the black on silver the original offering had.   This ring is available in whole ring sizes from 8-12.

Green Lantern Steel Emblem Ring

The Steel Emblem Ring offers a familiar variation to the Green Lantern power ring, featuring the insignia in a bit larger scale on a stainless steel band.  The ring, also in whole sizes from 8-12, sells for $39.

Also selling for $39 and being offered in whole sizes 8-12 is the Green Lantern Green Signet Ring in stainless steel.  This ring features the logo in green on silver traditionally styled signet ring.

Rounding out the new additions is a black stainless steel emblem pendant on a chain, which is selling for $35.

GL Green Signet Ring
Black Emblem Pendant

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