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Green Lantern might have been a box office disappointment, but the film did quite well on the U.S. home video sales charts.  For home video sales for the week ending October 16th Green Lantern was the top selling DVD and the second most selling Blu-ray, narrowly behind the mega-selling Disney movie, The Lion King.  The sales numbers come from the Nielsen VideoScan First Alert sales chart and Green Lantern’s results are great considering the movie did not go on sale until October 14th meaning it’s performance was based on three days of sales.  While this is definitely good news the initial sales of any major film is usually much higher during the first week due to people pre-ordering and sales stimulated by advertising.  What will be important for Warner Brothers is how the film performs over the coming weeks and the sales of the home video may be one of  determining factors in their decision on whether or not to proceed with a sequel.
Video rental and digital sales rankings and actual sales numbers have not yet become available.

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