Green Lantern 2 Fan Trailer

It only takes one great trailer to stir up interest in a film and get you all gung-ho to see it, or a lousy one to cross a movie off your must see list.  Anyone who felt like they didn’t want to see a sequel to the Green Lantern movie should take a look at this fan made teaser trailer for the great potential a second movie has by picking up on the Sinestro credits sequence and running with it.  For me, all I can do it watch this, put my Blue Lantern ring on and hope the Powers That Be at Warner Brothers get the same goosebumps I do every time I a replay it.  Special thanks to Blog of Oa reader Diogo Oliveira for sharing it with us on the new Blog of Oa facebook page.

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Life long Green Lantern fan and co-host of the Podcast of Oa. I'm a Barbecue snob and aficionado of blues music. Hal Jordan is my co-pilot!



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