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In episode twelve of the Podcast of Oa hosts Bill Giancoli and Myron Rumsey dive into the fourth issues of Red Lanterns and Green Lantern – the perfect combination of colors to celebrate the Christmas season.  We also announce the winners of the Kilowog Challenge and the Party Supply drawing and share some recent Green Lantern news.

You can contact the show via the contact me form on the Blog of Oa website, or by email to Skype users can leave a voicemail on the show’s account, blogofa. You can also find us on Facebook and Google+.

The Podcast of Oa is the official podcast of the The Blog of Oa.

Show Links
Heroes Your Mom Threw Out Digital Comics Portal
Discount Party Supplies
Mobile / Browser Apps

Show Notes
0:00:00 Intro
0:01:06 Contest Winners
0:07:30 Red Lanterns #4
0:38:25 Green Lantern #4
0:57:23 News/Mobile & Browser Apps/Facebook Group
1:12:55 Outro

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