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Geoff Johns
DC Comics held their combination Green Lantern and Justice League panel today at Comic Con International in San Diego.  Geoff Johns, James Robinson, Jim Lee, Nicola Scott, Tony Bedard, Francis Manapul, Biran Buccellato were on hand to talk about what’s coming up in both books, with the Green Lantern portion providing a little bit of information about the upcoming Third Army story.  
Some members of the Justice League will be quitting the team, although no clues were provided we already know that Hal is more than likely not on the team in the near future.

In talking about the gun toting Green Lantern, Johns reiterated that the character will be explored as things develop during the Third Army story and that the Guardians are planning on imposing their control on the universe by eliminating free will.  Some of the more unusual aspects of the new Green Lantern’s costume will be explained.  He did indicate that the gun is a choice made out of ignorance about how the rings work and it’s his back up plan in case the ring runs out of energy.  The Third Army story is a prologue to an even bigger story he has planned down the road.
Green Lantern Corps #0 will show more on Guy Gardner’s redefined back story and lay the groundwork for what will be happening with him over the next several months with Johns alluding to the fall of Guy Gardner once he becomes targeted by the Guardians.
Bedard commented that things will be picking up steam quickly for Kyle Rayner starting with Green Lantern: New Guardians #0, who plans on mastering the entire emotional spectrum.  While not coming right out and saying so, this will likely play a major role in the Third Army story.  This includes him mastering emotions that are not in his nature like rage and avarice, however there is a reason why all the rings sought Kyle out in the very first issue.

Bedard also commented that he’s going to be redefining some of Kyle’s past since things like Jade, which makes some of his personal continuity a trick to navigate.  In a funny moment he comments that “he’s pretty good with the ladies,” but then after Johns points out that half of former girlfriends no longer exists he changed that to, “he’s not very good with the lades!”

Johns also hinted that the Guardians are indeed behind the predicament that the Red Lanterns find themselves in, but that they underestimate how hard it is it get rid of Atrocitus.  Atrocitus’ origins will be explored further in the Red Lanterns zero issue and there will be a connection between him and the Third Army.

Responding to a fan’s question, Geoff Johns indicated that Sodam Yat will appear next year.  When a fan asked about the long promised Dex-Starr Valentines Day special Johns pointed out that it was still planning on being produced but that the nature of what’s happening with Krypto and the relaunch of the line required he wait a while longer.

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