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In a mystery that we are still trying to unravel, the entire DC Nation programming block disappeared from Cartoon Network’s program listing for this weekend and next with no explanation some time late last night to be replaced by repeats of other network programming.  Fans and even Green Lantern: The Animated Series producer Giancarlo Volpe were caught off guard and attempts to get some response from DC Entertainment and the Cartoon Network have fallen on deaf ears.
What makes this particularly puzzling is that just two days ago the animated series got a great nod in USA Today with an exclusive clip and interview with Volpe talking about this weekend’s episode and on Wednesday the network released a poster promoting the show.  All this has gone on while in New York City throngs of fans are congregating at the New York Comic Con mostly unaware that the parts of the Internet are exploding in red rage over the apparent cancellation of the whole programming block and major genre media outlets, with their attention squarely focused on NYCC, have not reported on the subject.
As fans we need to come together and voice our love for these shows.  Get on twitter and tell these people what it means to you, and if you don’t have an account, create one.  It’s only through making sure that the decision makers know how much support there is for what we love that we have any hope to keep them on the air.  Their twitter handles are @DC_Nation and @cartoonnetwork.  
Charge your rings and rally the Corps!

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