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Today was Green Lantern panel day at the New York Comic Con and while Geoff Johns was at the show he mysteriously was absent from the panel itself.  Instead writer Peter Tomasi was joined by DC VP Bob Wayne,  New Guardians artist Aaron Kuder, editors Pat McCallum and Matt Idelson to talk about the Third Army story and answer fan questions.

Green Lantern Corps #16

Here’s a run down of the panel:

“A lot of bad, bad mojo happens to guy in these next issues,” Tomasi said, adding that Baz would be looking for help from Guy in how to use his ring. “It’s just two guys kicking some serious Third Army ass.”  

Tomasi said that Vandor was chosen to be the Third Army’s first lantern victim since it would have more weight than a “red shirt” character.
The Green Lantern Corps annual will feature a lot of bloodletting with the Third Army reaching Oa.
In regards to Red Lanterns, “They’re the first ones hit by the Third Army…it’s going to split into three different storylines,” following Atrocitus, Bleez and Dex-Starr McCallum said. “Dex-Starr will go to Earth, on his own, to hunt down and murder the Midnighter…will Red Lantern cat make it to Earth, or will he be distracted by a cosmic ball of yarn?” McCallum joked as the audience laughed.

Confirming the vision of Atrocitus leading a group of Manhunters from Green Lantern #11, the panelists said that there would be blood-magic fueled Manhunters going up against the Third Army, led by Atrocitus, who will also be pursuing revenge against the Guardians.

Kuder is both excited and intimidated by working in the Green Lantern universe, but enjoying the ability to flex his creative muscles by working on “bizarre aliens”.

 McCallum said that the Third Army story will feature some shocking events and likened it to sweeping the emotional spectrum rings off the table.

We’ll be learning more about Larfleeze in issue 15 of New Guardians and fans could look forward to seeing the more about the fate of Mogo as soon as the next issue of Green Lantern Corps.

Green Lantern #16 cover

Regarding the five year timeline the panelists said that readers have to learn to let some of the previous history go and sit back and enjoy the ride. 

Don’t expect to see Ion or Parallax anytime soon, and joked that they didn’t know when readers would see Hal Jordan as a Green Lantern again.

When a fan asked about more John Stewart Tomasi indicated that the character wasn’t going anywhere and that the Corps title was pretty Stewart centric for several months.

The panelists hinted at a Sinestro / Arkillo confrontation.

McCallum indicated that part of Kyle’s journey to master all the emotions was to become the White Lantern and facilitate Hal’s return.

New Guardians #16 cover

Tomasi commented on re-working Guy Gardner’s history and cleaning it up due to it being so unruly. 

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