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When it was announced yesterday that there would be both a Green Lantern Corps and Green Lantern: New Guardians annual in January I was a little puzzled that Keith Giffen’s name was attached to New Guardians rather than Tony Bedard, but knowing that there are rumored to be a number of creative changes coming in January the thought crossed my mind that perhaps there was going to be a change on the title.  But coming out of the news being released at the New York Comic Con today included the announcement that there would be a new title which has close ties to the Green Lantern family of books.

Giffen will be the writer behind Threshold, a new ongoing series which launches in January that will feature Larfleeze in one tale while the new Green Lantern character that Giffen debuts in the New Guardians annual, Jediah Caul, stars in another.  The series is already being compared to a Marvel Comics series, Annihilation, which spawned the Guardians of the Galaxy, a book which is being adapted into an upcoming feature film.  Threshold is an attempt to rethink and relaunch DC’s cosmic characters like the Omega Men, Space Ranger and a number of other properties which haven’t been in the forefront of comic fans’ consciousness since the relaunch.
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