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A few days have passed since the Cartoon Network pulled a last minute bonehead play an pre-empted the DC Nation programming block.  While we received word via Twitter and Facebook that Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series would both return in January there’s been no explanation provided behind why the plug was pulled at the eleventh hour, a decision which fans have questioned in light of some national media outlet coverage.  The creators of the shows were caught off guard just as much as the audience was, underscoring the poor communication going on.  Apparently all the media distribution chains were also out of the loop as they offered both episodes to season pass holders on their respective outlets, and both episodes scored high on iTunes charts as if in defiance of the network’s executives.  
As many fans, myself included, took to the Internet to voice our indignation, some have formed a petition to try to convince the Cartoon Network to return DC Nation sooner rather than later.  While I don’t think that the network will pay any attention to it, I’ve signed it myself anyways since I subscribe to the notion that it’s better to say something and have it fall on deaf ears than to do nothing at all.  You can sign the petition as well by click on the link above or on the “sign now” button in the petition’s module I embedded on the right hand panel of this site.  
Whether you sign the petition or choose another way to express you disappointment with the decision it’s important to remember to keep it civil.  Simply put no one will give much regard to vitriol.  Admittedly I didn’t follow my own advice on Saturday morning and I’m not too proud of myself.  
We don’t know the reasons behind the decision although there are many theories which range from licensing issues to poor performance in the network’s target demographic.  It could be either one of those, or it could be something else quite different.  It would be nice to know but in the end it would be unusual if the Cartoon Network told us anything.

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