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In the first part of his exclusive interview on Newsarama, Green Lantern: The Animated Series producer Giancarlo Volpe talks about the return of the show to the Cartoon Network and discusses the origins of the recent episode “Steam Lantern”.  Volpe goes one to talk about the upcoming episode “Blue Hope”, the return of Razer and the relationship between Saint Walker and everyone’s favorite Red Lantern.  
Volpe also talks about the show’s upcoming debut of Sinestro and the background on why there was a bit of a delay bringing him into the show.  A bit of news that he announced is that actor Ron Perlman will be doing the voice over work for Sinestro.  You can read the full interview here.  If you missed our interview with Giancarlo you can read it here, or listen to it here.
Source: Newsarama

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