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We’re a bit away from the release of DC Comics April 2013 Solicitations, Gotham Spoilers did some digging around and found a number of cover images from those issues which have of cross been picked up by a number of comic book sites.  While Gotham Spoilers has since pulled theirs down at the request of DC, they remain out there for anyone who bothers to look for them.  Two of the images pertain to books in the Green Lantern family which you will find below if you are so inclined to look.  One appears to be the cover for Green Lantern Corps and the other I would presume to be the cover to Green Lantern: New Guardians.

To add more to this story, Bleeding Cool has been reporting that April is to be a special month for DC with regards to their covers, and the new images have led them to believe that these images represent one half of a wraparound cover for every book that DC publishes.  Bleeding Cool has affectionately dubbed April as DC’s “Holy Sh!t” month.

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