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There are a lot of ways to add your voice to the growing number of  people who want to see both Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice preserved as a part of DC Nation, but there is a new effort being organized that carries with it a very noble intention inspired by our heroes – helping others.

To quote the heroic minded organizers, “Here’s your chance to help out and make an impact! The idea is simple enough, we’re donating YJ/GLTAS toys to the Ronald McDonald House Charities, in the hopes we can do some good and also garner media attention to our cause, and make enough of an impact that CN decides to continue the shows. 

“You can donate as many toys as you want, it depends only on your budget. We would love it if everyone, from both fandoms everywhere in the world could help, because that’s how we’ll make the most impact. Please don’t shy away from helping, since the more people, and the more toys will mean a bigger batch of toys sent to kids looking for a hero.”

Specific details can be found at the effort’s webpage and they provide a list of places where toys can be purchased to add to the cause, noting that the lack of toys for Green Lantern can be taken care of easily enough by using any of the toys for the movie and comics versions of the character.  The target date for shipping the toys out is this weekend, so if you plan to participate you’ll need to move quickly.

Source: YJ Fans Video Repository Blog

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