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In an exclusive to MTV Geek, DC Comics announced the new creative teams for the Green Lantern family of books, including a new Larfleeze series.  Contrary to what I expected, the creative teams are all new with no one returning.  Here’s the run down of the new teams as well as some comments by the new creative team on the Green Lantern title.

Green Lantern #21 cover image by Billy Tan

Green Lantern

Writer – Robert Venditti
Artist – Billy Tan

Green Lantern Corps
Writer – Joshua Hale Fialkov
Artist – Bernard Chang

Green Lantern: New Guardians
Writer – Justin Jordan
Artist –  Brad Walker

Red Lanterns
Writer – Joshua Hale Fialkov
Artist – Alessandro Vitti

Writer – Keith Giffen
Artist – Scott Kolins

In an exclusive interview with MTV, Robert Venditti states that while they plan to build on what Geoff Johns has done during his tenure they have some plans of their own as well.  In a telling comment, Venditti said, “Green Lantern will continue to be Hal Jordan’s book, but he’s going to be facing challenges he hasn’t really faced before. Hal is a character unlike any other in all of comics, so it’s really just about tapping into the aspects that make him unique, then putting him up against conflicts that will highlight them—either through his success or his failure. There are a ton of status quo changes coming down the line, and new characters, too.”
Tan commented in the same interview that he has developed some new Green Lantern characters and is currently working on designing the main villain for their first arc.  There’s no official word yet on whether the new Larfleeze series is a replacement for Threshold or if it is a additional series for the team of Giffen and Kolins.

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