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DC Comics and Joshua Fialkov announced a parting of the ways today with Fialkov writing on his website that editorial directions he was given conflicted with the story he agreed to write and drove him to make the decision to leave the book.  Fialkov remained very professional is his statement given what could have likely been a heated decision if indeed DC editorial asked him to set both Green Lantern Corps and Red Lanterns in a direction opposed to the “two sides of the same coin” path that he had been indicating in recent interviews.
With his departure DC Comics wasted little time in announcing new writers for each series.  Charles Soule, known best for his work for Image Comics, will be taking over the Red Lanterns series in addition to his previously announced Swamp Thing assignment where he’ll be taking over for Scott Snyder.  Van Jensen will be taking on the writing chores on Green Lantern Corps with new Green Lantern writer Robert Venditti co-scripting.

This is the second time in as many days that DC Comics has to make creative changes caused by writers walking off books due to editorial issues.  That doesn’t bode well for DC considering that these writers were hired based on pitches for the direction of their books and one can’t really blame them for throwing up their hands in frustration.  Best of luck to Fialkov and good luck to Jensen and Soule!

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