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U.K. comics website Bleeding Cool, which broke the news about Joshua Fialkov’s departure from the Green Lantern books yesterday, has another bombshell today with the possible editorial directive which led to his decision to part ways with the franchise.  According to their inside sources Fialkov was told to make changes to his story that would result in the death of John Stewart which don’t jive with the writer’s plans which seemed to include turning Guy Gardner into a Red Lantern and possibly playing John and Guy off of each other as both the Green Lantern Corps and Red Lanterns books approach events from opposing points of view.

The site goes on to say that John will be killed off by the new creative teams in the wake of Fialkov’s departures.  Stewart has been one of the most high profile black characters and arguably the first black superhero not to have his skin color be a part of his name.  While in the beginning of his comic book life he was very much portrayed with racial stereotypes, John Stewart has gone on to be one of the most recognized characters in the DC Universe with his profile being so great that members of the public not familiar with the trappings of the Green Lantern universe cried foul at Ryan Reynolds casting as Hal Jordan not realizing there were muliple characters using the title.
What we don’t know is what editorial had in mind for John or if there is a particular reason behind their choice of direction.  It wouldn’t be the first time a Green Lantern has died and if written well it could be a great story, but not knowing the particulars it seems odd that anyone would want to kill off the character.  Then again, it seems to work out okay for Robins.

UPDATE! – Bleeding Cool is now reporting that due to the information leak and fan reaction John will not be killed off.  

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