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In episode 63 of The Podcast of Oa co-hosts Bill Giancoli and Myron Rumsey discuss the most recent issues taking place in the Green Lantern corner of the DC Universe. The return of Von Daggle and the ensuing battle between John Stewart’s Green Lantern squad and the Durlan conjures images of ’80’s action films (in a good way!) and sparks Bill to praise the creators for continuing to spotlight the non-Earth members of the Corps.

Myron and Bill responds to emails from listeners who have two decidedly different opinions about Kyle Rayner. Talk then goes on to both Green Lantern: New Guardians #28 and Green Lantern #29 before Myron shares news about some upcoming convention appearance and asks the audience to help get the show on I Heart Radio.  Myron also announces a special lineup for the next episode, a Green Lantern: The Animated Series retrospective with show producers Giancarlo Volpe and Jim Krieg.

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Show Notes 
00:00:00 Intro
00:01:50 Green Lantern Corps #28
00:11:37 The growth of the GL universe
00:21:04 Listener emails
00:30:15 Green Lantern: New Guardians #28
00:44:45 Green Lantern #29
00:55:55 Spreaker, Upcoming Appearances, GL:TAS episode
01:06:16 Closing

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