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Geoff Johns has said in the past that a “Green Lantern” proper would be a part of the Justice League down the road, and today in an exclusive interview with IGN the writer once again confirmed that a Green Lantern would be returning, hinting that it would be Hal Jordan since no other Green Lantern has been a part of the team since the launch of the new DC Comics continuity.  Here’s an excerpt from the interview:
IGN: Lastly, what do you want to say to the readers to get them excited for your Amazo Virus story?
Johns: Well, Jay and I both see this as a great opportunity, and working on the Justice League is the biggest opportunity there is. We’ve talked a lot about where we’re taking the book and where we’re taking the cast of characters. It really is focusing on the core Justice League post-Luthor, and Shazam, and Green Lantern’s going to come back soon for the big Darkseid War storyline. 
IGN: I’m excited for Green Lantern to return. 
Johns: Yes, he’s coming back! But what we talk a lot about is the scope of what we want to make with this book. Really, with Jason coming on-board, I think it was a chance for both of us to sit down and just talk about Justice League. Our goal is to do these big, world-threatening epics, but very, very character-centric. We want to focus on character and the backdrop of these threats and how these superhumans, who are extremely different but work together and most of them have been friends for a long time, are pretty close and they care about one another. Even Luthor, in a strange way, cares about these people.
You can read the entire interview over at IGN.

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