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This past week was the Origins Game Fair in Columbus Ohio and game publisher WizKids was there promoting a number of new games including the upcoming Green Lantern centric War of Light Dice Masters, an expansion to their recently released Justice League Dice Masters game. Dice Masters has become very popular in regional tournament play as a game that mixes the collectible card game genre with just as collectible dice. The game has a low entry point in terms of pricing and sets such as the DC and Marvel sets are interchangeable allowing players to pit their teams in combat against other players.

Some new images have appeared from attendees at the show which provide more information on some of the characters that will be a part of this new expansion.  The War of Light expansion will bring some versions of the Earth Lanterns from the War of the Green Lanterns including an Indigo Tribe John Stewart, Red Lantern Guy Gardner, and Blue Lantern Kyle Rayner.  Larfleeze and Parallax also make their debuts as does Mogo and Star Sapphire Miri Riam, Kilowog and Jade.

We already knew that Blue Lantern Flash and Star Sapphire Wonder Woman appear in the War of Light as a way for WizKids to incorporate existing dice from the Justice League set.   There will also be a Sinestro Corp Batman set of cards which will likely reuse the Batman dice as well.  It was recently revealed that WizKids was finding a way to include the Marvel Zombie as a game mechanic in the Marvel Dice Masters series and they will apparently be adapting that for the War of Light expansions by incorporating Black Lantern versions of various superheroes, including Aquaman, Batman and Superman.

Early indications are that WizKids is going to evolve the energy mechanic in War of Light to play on the emotional spectrum, most likely by incorporating it into new Lantern-themed global abilities and new basic action cards.  War of Light won’t require the purchase of the Justice League game, but players who do have the previous set will be able to mix the War of Light.

Like all the previous Dice Masters series the War of Light set will be available with a low entry cost starter set which gives players the game rules, dice bags, and enough cards and dice to get started.  The starter set has a MSRP of $19.99 and players will be able to expand their sets to include new characters by buying booster packs that contain two random dice and matching cards which usually carry a MSRP of $1.29.

WizKids will also be making optional accessories for the War of Light game which will include playmats, team boxes and collector’s boxes.  While at the Origins convention the team from the very popular Dicetower Network conducted a video interview with a representative at WizKids where they showed the starter set and team box.  The War of Light conversation starts at the two minute mark.

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