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Last month in the eight page preview for The Omega Men we witnessed the alleged murder of Kyle Rayner, an act which could lead to interstellar chaos between the Citadel and the Green Lantern Corps.  At the time I mentioned that I felt that DC wouldn’t choose to kill off the character is such a fashion and today’s release of the new series first issue expands a little on Kyle’s fate.

(Editor’s note: Spoilers follow below!)

Kyle Rayner’s appearance from The Omega Men preview

This issue has the Viceroy of the Citadel pursuing the Omega Men in part due to their actions we saw in the preview.  On the final page it’s revealed that Kyle is still alive, although a captive of the Omega Men.  My theory has been that the Omegas desired to make a statement and in interviews promoting the series writer Tom King mentioned that there exists a pact between the Citadel and the Guardians that no lantern would set foot there.  From a strategic point of view one of the best things the Omega’s could do to set forces in motion against the Citadel would be to not only bring a lantern to their space, but publicly “execute” him in order to incite retribution.  It appears that this may very well be the case and Kyle Rayner fans may want to keep a close eye on this series and Kyle may play a greater role as The Omega Men progresses.

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