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This week is the Origins Game Fair in Columbus Ohio and game publisher WizKids is there promoting a number of new games including the upcoming Green Lantern centric War of Light Dice Masters, an expansion to their recently released Justice League Dice Masters game.  Dice Masters has become very popular in regional tournament play as a game that mixes the collectible card game genre with just as collectible dice.  The game has a low entry point in terms of pricing and sets such as the DC and Marvel sets are interchangeable allowing players to pit their teams in combat against other players.

The photo below comes courtesy of The Dicetower a network of video and podcast shows highlighting the popular board game hobby.  The image shows a promotional display for the upcoming game and gives gamers a first glimpse at some of the new characters, dice and basic abilities that will be included in the upcoming game which is currently slated for an August 2015 release date.


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