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The past week has continued to stoke the fires of interest from Green Lantern fans about the casting of the much beloved characters as part of Warner Brothers DC Comics cinematic universe.  Two recent news stories seem to solidify the potential casting of an actor for the role of John Stewart and seemingly put to rest the casting of Chris Pine as Hal Jordan.

Chris Pine

If this posting sounds nebulous that’s because the recent information is unconfirmed as has been everything we’ve heard so far.  The latest rumors come from Tyrese Gibson himself, who confirms that he’s had multiple talks with Warner Brothers regarding the role of John Stewart.  Now comes the news via an “inside source” that Chris Pine closed the deal to play Steve Trevor in the upcoming Wonder Woman solo film in a multi-picture deal with Warner Brothers.

What to make of all this?  Only that nothing has been confirmed about anything at this point and everything we’ve heard about casting, one way or the other, is little more that rumor and speculation.  Hopefully some day, soon I hope, we’ll get some real information that finally quells the rumors.

Sources; Collider, The Wrap

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