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In a post from last December I mentioned that there were a number of names associated with the upcoming Justice League Action animated series that Green Lantern fans will recognize when the show finally arrives on the Cartoon Network later this year.  With the recent official announcement new details have emerged regarding the show’s format and some of the creative talent that is working on the show.

In the announcement it was revealed that the show will come in the format of eleven minute shorts which will feature a rotating team of heroes facing off against challenges from the DC Universe.  Along with the announcement came a promotional image that indicates that Justice League Action will be a departure from the familiar character design that is often associated with DC’s television animation.

A close look at the promotional image that accompanied the release reveals Dex-Starr as a character that will appear in the show and my source also assures me that both Atrocitus and Zilus Zox will appear as well to represent the Red Lanterns. While both of those characters appeared in Green Lantern: The Animated Series they will feature new voice actors in the roles.  While I can’t say who they are, both Atrocitus and Zox will be voiced by a pair of actors who’ve starred in live action roles for popular science fiction television shows in the past.  I can say that even though it would have been nice to see the return of the voices from the animated series the casting choices left me, how do i say it, absolutely “beaming” with anticipation.

Behind the scenes GL:TAS producer Jim Krieg returns as a major creative force for Justice League Action and along with him is Josh Keaton who will appear as Hal Jordan in the series.  A recent photo taken in the studio shows Keaton in full Green Lantern mode with Jim Krieg, Kevin Conroy and other staff working on the show.  And rest assured that Hal is not the only Green Lantern that will be a part of Justice League Action‘s rotating roster.

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