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Today website Bleeding Cool is running a number of stories on rumors they are hearing regarding the Rebirth initiative by DC Comics that is supposed to start in June.  While they are sticking to their guns regarding this information being rumor, they do consider what they have heard as coming for a valid source, and admittedly they’ve been punked before with false information.

One of the stories running today is with regard to new ongoing series which includes some information on the Green Lantern universe.  Reportedly there will be a New Green Lantern series which stars Jessica Cruz, the current possessor of the Volthoom’s Power Ring from Earth 3.  If true it will be interesting to see if this title performs as the character may have some fan interest but perhaps not enough to sustain an ongoing series of her own, that is if she still has the ring by the time the Darkseid War ends.  The information doesn’t refer to Cruz directly, only the “current Power Ring from Earth 3”, so who knows if Cruz makes it out of the Justice League event with the ring still on her finger.

The other title is rumored to be Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, a long title for certain and one that has me scratching my head to some degree.  While neither the main Green Lantern title nor the Green Lantern Corps title have performed as well as they did during Geoff Johns tenure neither were doing so poorly that a combined series would seem in order.  That, and the constant struggle to provide ample enough panel time to appease the fanbases for each of the Earth Lanterns, seem to be reasons enough to keep the two titles running on their own.  If this new series were to be one of the twice monthly series that DC is rumored to be considering then that might take care of both situations, but as of now there’s nothing indicating that is the case.  Rumors at this point for certain, but I can almost hear the rising din forming by certain factions as I type this.

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