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Eagle eyed Green Lantern fan Rook spotted some new information on Blackest Night Vinimates coming exclusively to Walgreens from a Pixel Dan video from the San Diego Comic Con.  While little information is known at this point about what figures will make up the Blackest Night selection or when they will be available, we do know that a Black Lantern Hal Jordan will be a part of it based on the video and an image taken from The Toyark.  Vinimates are four inch versions of Diamond Select Toys’ popular Minimate chunky figures and generally retail for $9.99.  Diamond Select Toys is also making a Hal Jordan Green Lantern Vinimate which can be pre-ordered here before it ships in November.

Make sure to check out Rook’s YouTube channel for his great content on geeky collectibles.

Sources: Rook’s Geek Goodness, Pixel Dan, The Toyark

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