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During today’s Warner Brothers panel at the San Diego Comic Con Green Lantern was referenced both in the franchise’s inclusion in DCEU imagery as well as the Green Lantern Corps movie shown in the images of logos of films that are in active development.  For those of us hoping for a bit more, such as casting news, the panel left us feeling like Ralphie checking for his Little Orphan Annie decoder pin in the mailbox for the umpteenth time in A Christmas Story.  Granted the film is reportedly three years away but for many the hope that Green Lantern would somehow find deserved inclusion in the Justice League film, even as a cameo, continues to fuel the hope that a casting announcement would be forthcoming.  Alas fans found themselves skunked again.

What did raise eyebrows was the new Justice League trailer above which includes a fleeting reference by Steppenwolf that Earth was doomed because there are no Lanterns or Kryptonians to save them.  It wouldn’t be a stretch to think that Abin Sur, or Raker Qarrigat, could appear long enough to be cannon fodder.  It would seem from a story perspective that Abin Sur would need to be addressed in order for Steppenwolf’s dialogue to have meaning.  Personally I’m still buying into the notion that Abin is killed by Steppenwolf and the rings flies off to recruit a Hal Jordan who could appear in the final act or a mid-credit scene.  If so then the preserving the surprise factor would rule out making a casting announcement until November when Justice League hits screen worldwide.  Or it could just be DC Entertainment telling me to drink more Ovaltine.

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