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While Hal Jordan hasn’t been a central figure on Cartoon Network’s Justice League Action cartoon, he does get a lot of intention in the soon to air episode titled “Barehanded” which is currently available online on the Cartoon Network app and website.  While it’s great to see Hal in action it’s the surprise guest appearance which will have a lot of fans excited.

Hal tries to summon his lost power ring

When Hal loses his ring at an interstellar rest stop he partners with Space Cabbie on a whirlwind adventure that leads him to dealing with Lobo and an alien warrior sans power ring.  While of course Hal does get his ring back, it’s Space Cabbie’s new GPS system that steals the show.  A big thanks to former Green Lantern: The Animated Series producer Jim Krieg, who also wrote this episode, for the fantastic easter egg.  “Barehanded” features GL:TAS veterans Josh Keaton as Hal Jordan and Grey Griffin as the GPS system.

I, uh, think this GPS sounds familiar!


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