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Today saw the release of the third issue of DC Nation, DC’s free monthly publication that shines a light on the publisher’s catalog and creators.  As advertised  in last month’s issue, there is an article on the upcoming The Green Lantern run by Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp which does provide some new details about the new series.  Some sections of the article are redacted, leaving some spoilery details for readers to discover on the pages of the book. 

What was revealed underscored what was announced recently in terms of scaling Green Lantern back from the sprawling stories about the end of the universe to focusing more on the day-to-day events in the life of Hal Jordan as an intergalactic peace officer.  Here are the highlights from the DC Nation article:

  • One of the series’ goals is to make it new reader friendly while still honoring the rich legacy of the Green Lantern mythos.
  • Morrison specifically says “no Hector Hammond, no Star Sapphire” with a couple of other names redacted.  Editor Brian Cunningham seems to question the absence of Carol Ferris, although perhaps this is a red herring.  Morrison doesn’t name Carol specifically, so perhaps she loses her ring along the way.
  • Morrison is looking at the book like he would a television show composed of twelve issue seasons.  Each season would feature “episodes” which are 1-2 issues long that serve as their own stories while still serving as part of a larger, season long story arc with subplots weaved into every “episode”.  With Morrison talking about seasons it implies that he’s on The Green Lantern for longer than twelve issues.
  • There’s talk about the first season concluding with something major, which is of course redacted.
  • Morrison wants to shift emphasis away from the perception that the Corps is an army rather than a space-faring police force.
  • Morrison wants to revisit a number of planetary locations from DC history to more solidify DC’s cosmic universe.  He lists a number of places and characters he plans to have appear in the series, all of which are redacted.
  • There’s a comparison between The Green Lantern and French graphic novels, drawing comparisons to The 5th Element, Valerian and Barbarella as well as pulp science fiction publications of old.

Look for The Green Lantern #1 in November.

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