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In the middle of January we learned through Liam Sharp that The Green Lantern: Season Two was going to be scaled back from its planned twelve issue “season” to eight issues.  Presumably this was to make the transition to Dan DiDio’s 5G plans a little bit smoother by having the series end just as 5G was beginning.  But we are in a post-DiDio world now and the rumors have spun out of this past weekend’s C2E2 convention that the 5G plans are being scaled back a bit.  Today Liam Sharp posted the following on Twitter:

“TGL season 2 WILL be 12 issues. Plenty more celestial craziness still to come…  To be clear, Grant and I always planned The Green Lantern to be two seasons of 12 issues each, for a total of 24. That’s what it is, and that’s what it will be. We still have plenty more issues ahead and it’s way too early to say what may or may not be coming next! Onwards! :-)” – Liam Sharp

Connecting this with the rumors about things being scaled back makes one wonder if AT&T/Warner Brothers/DC Comics is altering the plan to include Green Lantern in their 5G plans.  Given that there’s an HBO Max series on the way, and a Green Lantern Corps movie in the works it could be that, like during the 52 era relaunch, Green Lantern may survive intact.  Or it could just be that there’s a stay in the execution of 5G as it pertains to Green Lantern.

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  1. hope it means at least a shortened Season Three = trilogies are always nicer. Maybe 2×12 issues and 1×6 issues for a neat 30 issues?

      1. ah well, I’ll enjoy the hell out of these last issues! What a run, I hope it gets all the accolades it deserves.
        Love what Sharp is doing on the book. And essentially 30 issues of Green Lantern by Morrison anyway (24 + 3 oversized Blackstars issues + 1 Annual…put all the pages together and that’s gotta come close to 30)….who’d have thought that would have happened in the first place? Very grateful.

        “Don’t be sad that it’s over, be happy that it’s happened”

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