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Since the live-action Green Lantern show was announced as a part of the new HBO Max streaming service this past October fans have been waiting anxiously to hear some more details about the show.  The latest news we have isn’t so much about what’s going to happen in front of the camera as it is about the behind the scenes aspects.  Geoff Johns has indicated on his Mad Ghost Productions website that his company is co-producing Green Lantern, which could be great news depending on your opinion of his now-iconic run on the DC franchise.  It had been implied that Johns would be working with Greg Berlanti in some capacity and Johns’ website now verifies it.

All we really know about the show’s premise comes from comments made in January by Sarah Aubrey, Head of Content for HBO Max.  She said that the series “is going to span several decades, and focus on the origin story of two major Green Lanterns on Earth while linking it to the story in space, a Green Lantern-favorite character, Sinestro.”  More as this series develops.

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