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DC Comics has released information on a trio of 48-page prestige format books releasing in September as part of their “Dark Nights: Death Metal” event. The third book, Dark Nights: Death Metal: Multiverse’s End, features Guy Gardner among a rag-tag team trying to prevent the end of the multiverse.  Below is the official solicitation for the book which releases on September 29, 2020.

Dark Nights: Death Metal: Multiverse’s End #1
Written by James Tynion IV
Art by Juan Gedeon
Cover by Michael Golden
On sale 09/29/20
Perpetua, mother of all existence, has culled all life and creation in the Multiverse, condensing all beings to one planet: Earth Prime. In her quest for power and dominance, she rules absolutely and in totality, using her children—the Monitors and Anti-Monitors—as her heralds and destructors. But a group of heroes has banded together across multiple worlds in a last-ditch effort to stop her from destroying all of existence: Owlman, President Superman, Iris West, Captain Carrot, Guy Gardner and others choose to make their final stand in a battle they’re destined to lose!

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