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The Podcast of Oa episode 177 has co-hosts Phil and Myron return to the beginning of the Geoff Johns run with their review of Green Lantern #3 from 2005.  Myron and Phil also talk more about DC Fandome and announced that the show is now available on Amazon Music. There’s also plenty of listener feedback about topics like the Gerard Jones run, the challenges of the Morrison series, and more.

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Show Notes:
00:00:00 Intro / GL news
00:11:11 Know Your Corps – Malet Dasim
00:13:19 Green Lantern #3 Review
00:29:54 Listener Feedback
00:55:45 Closing


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  1. Thanks for the promotion and all the support for the Green Lantern Book Club. It really is a great community that you guys have created and I’m glad I can contribute a small piece. I really look forward to listening to your roundtable talk with the Lanterncast. It’s always great fun when you guys get all together and chat GL. It was another fun episode. It’s great listening to your reviews of the early Johns run. I haven’t read those issues since they came out and I forgot how great they are. I also would second Phil’s suggestion of Williams as writer of GL. I have been trade reading his Flash run and have really enjoyed it. Also, been enjoying your Know your Corps segment. They are a fun dive into some of the lesser know GLs. The severe lack of GL news can be tough, but at least we have the Podcast and the great Blog of Oa community to bat things around with and vent our hopes and frustrations. Thanks again for doing this! You add some fun and enjoyment in my day. In Brightest Day!

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