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While DC Comics has not released their official solicitations for books being published in January of 2021, they did launch a story today about their big “Future State” line wide event that will run from January through February of next year.  What looks like DC’s attempt to salvage the content created for 5G, from my perspective the events sounds more like what would happen if “Future’s End” and “Convergence” had a love child.

Both Green Lantern and Justice League will have two oversized books for January and February before DC enters March with their regular lineup.  Information contained in DC’s press release shows Jo Mullein as the Justice League’s resident Green Lantern while other ring bearers are left stranded when Oa’s central battery goes dark.  The cover shows John Stewart, Kilowog and, of all Lanterns, G’Nort.  Jessica Cruz and Guy Gardner were also included on some cover images that were sent out.

Future State: Green Lantern #1 – 2 will feature the creative teams of Geoffrey Thorne and Tom Raney on “Last Lanterns” on one story.  The other story, “Tales of the Green Lantern Corps”, will feature Green Lantern: The Animated Series scripter Ernie Altbacker teamed with Josie Campbell, Ryan Cady, Sami Basri, and Clayon Henry.  Future State: Justice League #1 – 2 will be worked on by Joshua Williamson and Robson Rocha.

For now we have cover images for the first issues of each series as this story continues to develop.

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