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DC Comics is returning to the well a fourth time by offering retailers the opportunity to purchase bags of power rings as a promotional item for the new Green Lantern series. This originated back at the launch of the 3rd volume and then became very successful in 2009 and 2013 when DC made them available in every color of the emotional spectrum.

For every fifty copies of the new first issue that a comics retailer orders, they will have the opportunity to purchase a bag of fifty Green Lantern power rings. DC is also making the first two issues of the series fully returnable, incentivizing retailers to order more copies and minimizing risk should they not sell. How the new ring might differentiate itself from the last three is unknown. So far each run has been different in either design or polish.  Make sure to check with the establishment you buy your comics from and see if they will be participating so you don’t miss out should you want to add to your ring collection.

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