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I’ve been horribly underwhelmed with the vast majority of Warner Brothers’ animated “Tomorrowverse”, with its lone Green Lantern film, “Beware My Power” being the single worst depiction of Green Lantern outside of the printed page. The current DC Animated is in the middle of its own “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, pulling elements from their various animated projects together in an adaptation of the classic comics story.

With part 2 of the Crisis trilogy just released, a teaser has appeared that gives us a glimpse at the final chapter, including the inclusion of Aya from Green Lantern: The Animated Series in one of the sequences in the teaser trailer. Jason Spisak is also listed in the cast listing for the movie, revisiting the role of Razer. Now, if only they’d include Josh Keaton as Hal to make up for how horribly they treated the character the last time they used him.

If only Hal Jordan were by Aya’s side here.


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