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Stormfront Entertainment, whose projects focus strongly on the horror and fan film genres, has just release one of their recent projects on YouTube.  Donna Parker: Green Lantern was released last year during the height of Blackest Night’s popularity and features an original twelve and a half minute original story set during the mega DC event.  Green Lantern fan films are pretty uncommon due to the reliance on special effects, but the availability of affordable computer software that can offer some pretty high quality visuals have made Green Lantern fan films and trailers a more viable option.

Donna Parker was a character that debuted in Green Lantern Corps Quarterly in 1992 with a story set during the Cold War and nuclear expansion.  The original story had the Guardians of the Universe so concerned over the Earth’s dangerous nuclear experimentation that they decided to pick a human to focus solely on Earth while Abin Sur would continue his duties throughout Sector 2814.  Despite the great honor Donna chooses to decline the offer in order to devote more time to her children who she is raising on her own.

The film manages to merge elements of the original story into the Blackest Night timeline with Donna being a modern woman struggling to juggle two jobs and raising a family.  When a Guardian shows up and drafts her into the Green Lantern Corps and a Black Lantern ring resurrects her dead sister, Donna is thrown into a struggle for the lives of herself and her children.

Like most fan films the production standards don’t measure up to quality that Hollywood’s multi-million dollar film budgets allow for, and the film gets a little bogged down in showing off the visual effects during the climax rather than invest in the characters, but that doesn’t stop this short film from having fun with the Green Lantern mythos and reminding us how great Blackest Night was.

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