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Unfortunately neither DC, Newsarama or any of the other outlets that have been covering Comic Con International in San Diego this week provided live coverage of the DC Nation panel this afternoon.  That’s a great disappointment to all us DC animation fans who couldn’t attend and hopefully at least the sizzle reels will make their way to the Internet so we can see the great footage that Giancarlo Volpe told us had been assembled for the show.
**Update – you can see the footage shown at Comic Con here.**

The unfortunate part of a panel covering several shows is that there’s not a chance to get into depth on any of them.  People live tweeting from the panel indicated that most audience questions leaned towards the return of the Teen Titans shorts, however there was some Green Lantern: The Animated Series news items to be gleaned from the coverage.
Tomar-re and Ch’p confirmed
  • Saint Walker will be returning in the second half of the season
  • Both Tomar-Re and Ch’p make appearances!
  • We’ll see the return of the Manhunters, although they are in bad shape in the sizzle reel
  • As previously reported Deidrich Bader will be voicing Guy Gardner and apparently he has nailed the character
  • There are no plans to do a crossover with the new Batman CGI series

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