Justice League to Play a Role in the Next Rocksteady Batman Game

Variety reported today that, as a part of DC Entertainment’s continued plan on promoting DC’s stable of characters, the Justice League will play a prominent role in the upcoming prequel to the wildly successful Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City videogames.  The game will be set as a prequel to the two older games and will be produced by the same company, Rocksteady Studios.  Reportedly the new game will deal with Batman’s first encounter with the Joker.  Nothing more about the project is known at this time other than that the game is likely not going to see a release until 2014 due to Warner Brothers Interactive focusing on the more immediate release of the Ed Boon produced Injustice: Gods Among Us fighting game.
What will be interesting is to see how the Justice League will translate in the dark and gritty game style that Rocksteady has become synonymous with and what roster will be included in the game.

Source: Variety

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