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Spoiler warning: The following contains information about the conclusion of The Green Lantern #12!

When DC released their October 2019 solicitations they alluded to big things happening at the end of The Green Lantern #12, teasing that there would be no issue thirteen.  Despite the claim that there would be no “Green Lantern” in the title of Grant Morrison’s next tale, DC Comics announced today that November would see the release of the first issue of a three part mini-series titled Green Lantern: Blackstars.

According to DC’s announcement, Morrison will be teaming with artist Xermanico on the book which sees Hal Jordan as an elite member of the Blackstars, who have emerged as the predominant force in a universe where the Green Lantern Corps never existed.  While details of what happens in the finale of the first season of The Green Lantern remain secret, what is known is that reality is changed and there are no Green Lanterns shining their emerald light in the blackest night.

Oa is the skeleton-paved haunt of vengeful demons.  And the Blackstars—a sinister cult of universal peace and harmony, involving surrender to the will of the insidious and/or possibly illuminated Controller Mu—are in the process of subjugating the universe to their creed. Jordan’s one of the Blackstars’ primary operatives. He’s central, although the Cosmic Vampire Countess Belzebeth vies with him for control of the narrative in Blackstars. Hal Jordan is the kind of man who will excel in any situation, so naturally he’s an elite Blackstar in this altered-continuity. – Grant Morrison

While Liam Sharp is not doing the interiors he will be providing the covers to all three issues with one interlocking image. Liam will be returning to partner with Morrison for ten issues of what follows the conclusion of Green Lantern: Blackstars.  The first issue is scheduled for released on November 6th.

The Cover to Green Lantern: Blackstars #1

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